Tailor factory

Tradition and Innovation

The company is founded on the consolidated experience of its owner and his father who has worked for more than forty years in this field and has specialized in the production of fine double-face garments for the most prestigious names in Italian and foreign fashion.

Following the route traced out by the family, the company distinguishes itself for the high level of artisan skill and mastery that is put into the production of men’s and women’s suits, coats and jackets of the finest quality.

About 75% of production is carried out by hand, with thread and needle, by seamstresses who preserve and renew the ancient art of tailoring in this very day and age of industrial modernity.

Our strength: the difference

Our strength lies in our skill in using traditional methods to manufacture prestigious garments for international markets and in our belief that globalization means making the most of differences and not just mere industrial mass production and the standardization of tastes.

We cover the entire production cycle for the big names in Italian and foreign fashion and offer a finished product that is ready to be marketed.

The success met by its products has led the company to improve its organization and commercial structure to satisfy the growing demand of the market with ever-greater precision, punctuality and reliability.

Tradition and modernity