Environmental protection

Environmental protection programme

The Roberto Corpina Company, with registered office in Torrenova (ME), is active in the field of tailoring. It has adopted an Environmental Protection Policy in the awareness that future generations are entitled to live in a pristine environment and that all people are entitled to work in a Safe environment.
The excellent relations existing between the company, supervisory bodies, the local community and other surrounding manufacturers testify to all this.
Management and the entire company staff are convinced that environmental protection should be a reality that goes hand in hand with the company’s productivity and have developed the awareness that the implementation of an Environmental Management System is essential in view of the continual improvement of environmental performance that has always distinguished the Roberto Corpina Company.
The Company also shares the idea that Environmental and Safety Protection of both its workers and the local community are two integrated and inseparable concepts.
The fundamental principles that, in addition to compliance with statutory requirements, guide the Company’s behaviour in environmental matters and on which customers can always rely are set out below:

– The Roberto Corpina Company undertakes to design, develop and manage production activities, from a perspective of risk minimisation, prevention, and reduction of potential adverse effects for operators, the local community, the environment and customers.

– By ensuring that equipment is always in a good state of repair and through thorough technical assessment during their use, the Roberto Corpina Company strives to reduce as far as possible the consumption of water and electricity, the use of fuels and lubricants, although these are indispensable in carrying out its activities.

– The Roberto Corpina Company is committed to systematically monitoring liquid effluents, emissions into the atmosphere, the production of waste and their management.

– The Company is committed, through a training and information programme, to providing staff with training and to raising their awareness about major environmental and safety issues, building on the state of the art and complying with the objectives and requirements set out in the documents of the Environmental Management System.

– The Company is committed to training and raising awareness of staff in the proper conduct of activities, as set out in the manual and procedures of the Environmental Management System, to make them more knowledgeable of the risks related to the performance of their duties.

– The Roberto Company aims to ensure Supervisory Bodies and its customers of the achievement of environmental improvement targets through adequate planning and control of the production phases.

– The Company undertakes to assess as objectively as possible the targets reached and the continuous improvement of the company in terms of the use of environmental resources and of workplace safety.

– The Roberto Corpina Company ensures stakeholders and customers that production processes comply with existing laws and regulations, regularly minimizing and assessing the number and causes of nonconformities in the effort to prevent them as far as possible.

– In conclusion, and based on the above statements, the Roberto Corpina Company wishes to ensure its constant commitment to the pursuit of tangible and continuous improvement of the Company’s environmental performance.

To ensure the implementation and maintenance of the requirements set out in the Environmental Management System, Management has appointed an Environmental Management System Supervisor from within the company, providing said person with the necessary human and economic resources.
This Environmental Policy Statement is disseminated among all staff. Each and every member of staff must contribute, to the best of their ability, to achieving the objectives set out in this statement. It has also been made available to the public and local authorities. Finally, it has been published on-line for the purpose of informing customers of the Company to enable them to share the effort of the Roberto Corpina Company to protect the environment.
In conclusion, with a view to continuous improvement, Management is personally tasked with conducting a review of the Environmental Management System at appropriate intervals.

Torrenova (ME), 20/12/2003.

The owner Roberto Corpina.