An artisan product

Double-face finish

Double-face finish consists in the blind-stitching by hand of the internal seams and of the external finishing of a garment along the hems of the fabric whose width is split in half for a depth of about 12 millimeters.
Blind-stitching is what gives the product its high artisan quality and takes up about 75% of the time necessary to make a garment.

It is carried out entirely by hand, with thread and needle, by the seamstresses living in the towns of the Nebrodi area who preserve and renew the ancient art of tailoring in this very day and age of industrial modernity.
This procedure is what gives our products their absolutely extraordinary quality and fineness.

The production of our garments is carried out in compliance with our UNI EN ISO 9002-certified quality system.

Our heritage

The company works in a modern factory with a surface of about 1000 m2, located in Torrenova, a seaside town with 4,000 inhabitants in the Italian province of Messina.
In the surrounding inland, on the hills and mountains of the Nebrodi area, there are dozens of small towns whose origins date back to the Middle Ages.

These towns, where traditions have resisted more than elsewhere, have succeeded in preserving up to this day ancient artisan techniques and crafts like embroidery and blind-stitching and in saving them before vanishing altogether.

The opportunity of using this unique and rare heritage of traditions is the “secret” of our garments, which are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

We produce garments for prestigious brands