We produce garments for prestigious brands for over forty years

About 75% of production is carried out by hand, with thread and needle, combining tradition and innovation.

Our strength lies in our skill in using traditional methods. A family gift.


We produce for prestigious brands.

We cover the entire production cycle for the big names in Italian and foreign fashion and offer a finished product that is ready to be marketed.

Specialized in garments double-face.

Double-face finish is what gives the product its high artisan quality and takes up about 75% of the time necessary to make a garment.

Our heritage

Blind-stitching is carried out entirely by hand, by the seamstresses living in the towns of the Nebrodi area who preserve and renew the ancient art of tailoring.

Double-face finish

This procedure is what gives our products their absolutely extraordinary quality and fineness.

Blind-stitching by hand of the internal seams and of the external finishing of a garment along the hems of the fabric for about 12 mm.

“O si è un’opera d’arte o la si indossa.”
Oscar Wilde
“Se vuoi descrivere ciò che è vero, lascia l’eleganza al sarto.”
Albert Einstein
“L’eleganza non è farsi notare, ma farsi ricordare.”
Giorgio Armani